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Tiger 10000E RFID Watch Guard Tour System


Tiger 10000E RFID Watch Guard Tour System


Tiger-10000E is RFID  watch guard tour system. It is so different from the ordinary guard tour system holding the reader in hand; it is able to wear on wrist like a watch. It is more convenience for staffs of different fields. The system consists of reader, RFID tags and software mainly. The reader could collect the data of RFID tags within the distance of 5cm without touching the tags and store in the reader. And the data stored in the reader will be uploaded onto the software through USB cable. When it works, the reader has two ways to tell the user that the data are collected which are buzz and LED flashing.

Features and Techniques

About reader (Tiger-10000E)

Appearance and modeling: Similar to a watch, Bring convenience for the petrol persons who hold tools in hand

Case: Polycarbon

The watchband is made of PU resin from USA, soft, stretch-proof, sweat proof, tough and pliable

Anti overvoltage, anti over current, anti lightning strike

Data reading time: ≤0.1S

Storage capacity: 10000 pcs, Alarm automatically when the memory reaches 99%

Thickness: 16mm

Diameter: 45mm

Weight: 65kg

Power supplied by: 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery

Power consumption: Quiescent current-5μA, Working current-30mA

Working temperature: -60+80

Working humidity: 10%90%


About Tags (Tiger-RFID)

There are single RFID tags fixing on the site and guard ID keys for verifying guards’ ID.

Function: Read only

Memory: 64 bytes

Chip: EM H4001

Working frequency: 125 kHz

Coding method: Manchester

Power: No

Reading distance: 5cm

Working temperature: -20 +50

Storage temperature: -40 +85

Totally water proof

EMC: No effect by electromagnetic interference or X ray

Signal penetrability: Non metal material

Encapsulating material: ABS plastic

Shape: Standard type encapsulation and non-conventional type encapsulation

Weight of single RFID tag: 2g

Weight of guard ID key: 8g

Easy to install, able to be installed inside wall


About USB Cable:

Reliable for data reading and transmitting

Loss of data never happen when the communication process is interrupted

Standard USD communication port

Structure: Four single-stranded hard copper wire, high density polythene colour coding insulator

Anti electromagnetic interference

Standard complying to: YD/T1019, IEC61156, ANSI/EIA/TIA-568

Latency: 5.02 ns/m

Impedance: 107-110hm

Return loss: 26.0dB






Configuration table



Item No.

Item Name






Up to number of guard, team or patrol field


RFID tag


Up to the patrol site


Guard ID key


Up to the number of guards or petrol person


USB Cable


Up to the number of guards




Easy use













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