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WHO WE ARE    Shenyang Tiger Technology Development Co., Ltd. / Shenyang Tiger Information Technology Co., Ltd.(TIGER) is a leading developer and manufacturer o...
  Shenyang Tiger Technology Development Co., Ltd. / Shenyang Tiger Information Technology Co., Ltd.(TIGER) is a leading developer and manufacturer of guard tour monitoring equipment for the security guard industry. We have been providing innovative and flexible solutions for the security guard industry since 1998. Tiger is located in Shenyang of Liaoning province which is famous for its industry in China.
  Shenyang Tiger Technology Development Co., Ltd./ Shenyang Tiger Information Technology Co., Ltd. is the first company who develops and manufactures guard tour monitoring equipment in China. It is the earliest and largest designing and manufacturing center of guard tour monitoring equipments. Since the start, TIGER has been working hard for providing advanced guard tour monitoring solutions for customers. With more than ten years development, TIGER has established a set of scientific and efficient management method for developing new products. The advanced management technologies like network planning, matrix management, computer-assistant management and systems management are applied in new products developing, especially for innovation and creation.
  TIGER manufactures touch guard tour system and RFID guard tour system mainly and it is able to provide suitable solutions for different industries such as residence patrol, railway patrol, petroleum pipeline patrol, telecom cable patrol, electricity power system patrol, policemen patrol, forest patrol and logistics vehicles tracking etc. TIGER is able to put forward perfect solutions for any place where need patrol and monitoring.
  Quality comes first. TIGER focuses on new technology, innovation and creation very much. Each year, TIGER will invest rather percentage of money in developing new technology and products. Getting the best system doesn’t have to mean paying the most. With a specialized R&D team, TIGER could supply quality and advanced products with competitive price and nice after sales service.
TIGER, Your Safeguard!
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Company: Shenyang Tiger Technology Development Co., Ltd. /  Shenyang Tiger  Information Technology  Co., Ltd.
Office Add: 15-06, Building E, No.16, Wulihe Street, Heping District, Shenyang, Liaoning, China
Factory Add: 22H, Hunnan Export Processing Zones, Shenyang, Liaoning, China.
           19-11, Hunnan East Rd, Hunnan New District, Shenyang, Liaoning, 
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